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Support Ukraine Archaeologists

Aloha SHA Members,

We have all been watching in horror as the brutality of war in Ukraine grinds on these past few months. The Muzeum Archeologiczne W Poznaniu (Polish Museum of Archaeology) is soliciting donations to provide medical supplies and protective clothing to Ukrainian archaeologists who have joined the Territorial Defense Force (TRO) to defend their country. Ukraine is a great center of archaeology due to its deep history and archaeologists have put aside their trowels to defend their country but are critically undersupplied.

To donate to Muzeum Archeologiczne W Poznaniu’s efforts, follow the link below. They are also asking people who donate to leave an uplifting message that they are sending to Ukraine along with the aide:


The Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA) Board of Directors voted unanimously to echo the March 4th, 2022 statement by The U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield and the Archaeological Institute of America and other organizations. We condemn the loss of life brought on by the Russian Government’s aggressive actions in Ukraine and call on all to follow International Humanitarian Law, including 1949 Geneva Conventions, and the 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. We also acknowledge the shortcomings of SHA not previously speaking out against previous humanitarian atrocities, including recent events in Afghanistan. The links below are provided for more detailed information.


The full statement by AIA, USCBS and other organizations:

The website for Muzeum Archeologiczne W Poznaniu:

Website for USCBS:


Me Ke Aloha,

Angus Raff-Tierney

Communications Secretary

Society for Hawaiian Archaeology