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Need for Archaeologist with Section 106 Review experience, in Saipan

Website National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants, Inc.

The Archaeologist will be responsible for day-to-day implementation of construction monitoring and  reporting as outlined in the attached Archaeological Treatment Plan (ATP) for this defined Undertaking as required under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.

Mid-level archaeologists shall have knowledge of the following skills and experience:

• Meet the Secretary of the Interior’s (SOI) Professional Qualifications Standards for archaeology

• 5 or more years of experience in archaeology and cultural resources management

• Experience with CNMI and HI archaeological resources including knowledge of local prehistoric material culture /archaeology/ history

• Experience with military (WWII) sites/material culture

• Experience/training in identifying human remains

• Knowledge of mid-20th century Japanese material culture

• Knowledge of colonial Spanish material culture (ceramics)

• Experience conducting analyses/investigations, requesting and utilizing cultural resource data search reports, preparing cultural resources reports, coordinating/consulting with the CNMI and HI Historic Preservation Officers, and utilizing FEMA Programmatic Agreements

• Experience conducting archaeological surveys, archaeological monitoring, and preparation of reports

• Experience in the development and preparation of DRPs, ATPs, laboratory processing, analysis, reporting, curation and dissemination of research

• Experience in the recovery of human remains, determination of ancestry, and reinternment

• Effective communication skills both written and orally

• Experience supporting large, complex projects that require precise and frequent data management

• Experience supporting large, complex projects that involved multi-agency and stakeholder coordination



• Provide all necessary technical support to meet FEMA’s responsibilities required in the ATP, in support of the PHC Program

• Conduct pedestrian surveys, archaeological investigations, archaeological monitoring, development of ATPs, data recovery, and the management of unanticipated discoveries including human remains, and write Cultural Resource Reports (CRRs) as requested

• Utilize industry standard GIS software and database, collect, manage, analyze, model, and present geographic or spatial data in support of ATP monitoring and reporting, and CRRs

• Provide technical expertise to assist FEMA with the identification of historic properties and the evaluation of the effects of PA and PHC projects on historic properties

• Prepare historic reviews and/or historic recordation in accordance with the FEMA/CNMI and HI Programmatic Agreements and criteria in 36 CFR Part 800 – Protection of Historic Properties, Section 106 Review Process
A background check and fingerprinting may be required.
Nature of Work: M-F,  8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Duration: Full Time, Temporary, Anticipated duration of assignment is 6 Month yr plus 6 months possible Extension
Salary Range: $45 per Hour +$4.22/hr (H & W) + Paid National Holiday


Please call for any questions,

Jayesh Desai, President

National Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Consultants, Inc.

59 Court Street, Suite: 202

Binghamton, NY 13901

(607) 321-1088

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