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Wood Identification Laboratory at IARII

Message from International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.:


We are pleased to inform you that Gail Murakami has resumed operation of International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.’s Wood Identification Laboratory (WIDL). As in the past, Gail will be working out of our Honolulu Office. We’ll be providing an updated WIDL brochure soon, but in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact Gail at or at (808) 946-2548.

NPS Response to CAP-2 Submittal

The National Park Service has submitted a response to the State Historic Preservation Division’s second submittal towards completion of the Corrective Action Plan (#2).  Links are provided below for each submitted element.

Dr. Stephanie Toothman’s Letter to William Aila

Comments on IT/GIS Elements

CAP-2 Status

CAP-2 Final Report