An important mission of the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology is to provide education to both the public and its members. Below is a list of past and upcoming workshops. When possible, material from the workshops will be provided through the website.


2021 Workshops


2015 Workshops

22 April 2015 – Petrological Sourcing of Polynesian Lithic Artifacts – Professor John Sinton, UH Department of Geology and Geophysics (retired)

2014 Workshops

16 January 2014 – Radiocarbon Dating – Thomas S. Dye

4 April 2014 – Identification of Faunal and Human Remains – Tim Rieth and Adam Lauer

25 April 2014 – Technological and Geochemical Issues in Hawaiian Lithic Analysis – Peter Mills

14 May 2014 – Soils and Sediments – Jane Allen