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Thank you! Your 2021 Annual membership with the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology is now activated!

Membership to the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA) covers the calendar year from January to December.

Membership dues support SHA’s mission:
-to promote and stimulate interest and research in the archaeology of the Hawaiian Islands;
-to encourage a more rational public appreciation of the aims and limitations of archaeological research;
-to serve as a bond among those interested in Hawaiian archaeology, both professionals and non-professionals, and aid in directing their efforts into more scientific channels as well as encourage the publication of their results;
-advocate and assist in the conservation of archaeological data; and
-to discourage unethical commercialism in the archaeological field and work towards its elimination.

To meet its mission, the SHA has promoted Hawaiian archaeology through youth outreach programs, workshops, electronic publications, and our journal. Your dues also support the SHA’s mission statement through legislative and community representation. These programs are dependent on members’ dues, the management of which is overseen by our volunteer Board of Directors and Standing Committee Members.

Membership dues also provide exclusive members-only access to our SHA website, in addition to our SHA email listserv discussions and announcements.

This year’s annual conference will be held during this fall on Oahu; further details will be posted on our website when available.