Lanai Schedule

October 8 – Huaka‘i Māka‘ika‘i Ma Lāna‘i a Kaululā‘au

October 8: Huaka‘i Māka‘ika‘i Ma Lāna‘i a Kaululā‘au (day trip)

A cultural Landscapes Excursion to the Lāna‘i Culture & Heritage Center, followed by a field outing to Kaunolū and Hi‘i on the Island of Lāna‘i. Hosted by Pūlama Lāna‘i Culture & Historic Preservation Branch Staff. If people are traveling from Honolulu, they should plan to catch the first flight which leaves around 6 a.m., and return to O’ahu on the flight that departs around 3:30 p.m. (Island Air). If the group is between 10 to 15 pax, ground transportation will be provided.

Contact Kepā Maly at 808-565-3308 or to register or for more information.

Bring appropriate clothing and shoes for a walk through section of thorned kiawe overgrowth, sun block, and any supplies necessary for health or personal care. I will also need to request that each participant sign a liability waiver for the land owner. The Kaunolū will require a medium physical capacity, with the ability to walk on slopes.

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