2021 Annual Conference

The SHA Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce the theme of this year’s conference is “I ka wā ma mua, i ka wā ma hope.”  “I ka wā ma mua” refers to “the time in front or before” and “i ka wā ma hope” refers to “the time which comes after or behind” (Kame‘eleihiwa, L., 1992. Native Land and Foreign Desires. Bishop Museum Press). Kame‘eleihiwa describes that “It is as if the Hawaiian stands firmly in the present, with his back to the future, and his eyes fixed upon the past, seeking historical answers for present-day dilemmas.”

After careful consideration, the SHA Conference Planning Committee has decided to hold the 2021 Annual SHA Conference virtually, with the possibility of incorporating small, in-person events (huaka‘i). The 2021 Annual SHA Conference will be held the first weekend of October (10/2–10/3/2021) and Archaeology Week will take place during the week preceding.

Keep an eye out for a call for papers! We are excited to see everyone, be it in person or on our computer screens.