Position Announcement Archaeology Field Technician

‘Āina Archaeology (‘Āina) is currently accepting applications to fill one or more full-time Archaeology Field Technician positions at our Maui and O‘ahu locations. Reporting to the Principal, Archaeological Field Technicians will be responsible for conducting archaeological survey, excavation, and monitoring of construction or other ground disturbing activities. Archaeological field technicians will be expected to complete the following tasks in the field:

  • Recognize surface and subsurface archaeological resources
  • Unit excavation, photography and exploratory trenching with special attention to detailed recordation
  • Document and describe soil profiles
  • Locate historic properties and points of interest using a Trimble XT global positioning system (GPS) receiver
  • Draw features in plan and profile that conform to ‘Āina mapping conventions, experience with Total Station operation is preferred but not required
  • Complete all relevant digital and/or paper field forms accurately and efficiently

Qualified candidates should demonstrate thorough knowledge of Hawaiʻi’s land, culture and history, and a desire to protect, preserve and perpetuate them. Applicants should also be positive, resourceful, motivated, organized, and detail-oriented individuals that align with our company values and possess following attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in anthropology or a closely related field (at a minimum)
  • Previous experience in archaeology fieldwork or completion of an archaeology field school
  • Ability to take initiative and solve problems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must be able to hike in rugged terrain while carrying a 30-40 lb. pack
  • Must be able to travel off-island and conduct fieldwork for long hours and extended periods (at times in inclement weather and across rugged terrain)

Field technicians are expected to have their own personal survey gear (backpack, water bottles, clipboard, 5-m hand tape, engineers scale, compass, writing implements, and personal dig kit [trowel, line level, brushes, etc.]). Where an applicant shows an interest in or exhibits proficiency at non-field tasks (e.g. faunal analysis, artifact analysis, historical research, technical writing, CAD work, or GIS work), these tasks may be assigned on occasion.

How to apply

To learn more about our work philosophy and company values visit us at http://www.ainaarch.com/. Applications can be submitted via e-mail to hr@ainaarch.com and should include a cover letter with a statement of experience and availability, current resumè of relevant experience, one or two mapping examples, and at least three references (with contact information). If you would like your application to be evaluated for non-field tasks or report writing please make sure to highlight any specialized software, research, or report writing experience in your cover letter and submit at least one writing sample. Rate of pay will be determined based on experience. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.