Opening for Archaeological Project Supervisors at Cultural Surveys Hawaii

Employment Opportunity

Cultural Surveys Hawai’i, Inc., Seeks Archaeological Project Supervisors


The Company

Cultural Surveys Hawai’i, Inc. (CSH) is an island-based company offering expertise in all aspects of archaeological, cultural, and historical research throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific. CSH has over 30 years’ experience providing quality cultural resource management services that fulfill state and federal regulatory requirements and facilitate land-use planning. CSH has offices on O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i, and Hawai‘i. Please refer to our web page at


Position Description: Archaeological Project Supervisor

As a project supervisor, you will be expected to be a “jack of all trades.” You will conduct and lead standard archaeological field investigations, including 100 percent pedestrian surveys, archaeological feature identification, mapping and recording, shovel test excavations, controlled test excavations (test pits), areal excavations, and backhoe testing programs. You will need to work independently as an archaeological monitor on various development projects. You will also be expected to coordinate various archaeological monitors working under your direction on different jobs. You should be comfortable and safety-conscious around heavy machinery. You will be expected to provide detailed records of your work on the appropriate survey, site recording, excavation, and monitoring forms. As a project supervisor, you will be responsible for the fieldwork and records of the crew working under you.

The excavation of human skeletal remains will likely be part of your duties. Fieldwork often involves strenuous physical labor, from hiking over rough terrain and/or through dense vegetation, to vegetation clearance with a machete, to pick and shovel excavations. Familiarity with various GPS systems and/or Ground Penetrating Radar would be helpful. Travel to the neighbor islands is sometimes required for fieldwork. While you are on the neighbor islands, CSH pays your room and board; living arrangements are typically communal in rented houses or condominiums with kitchen facilities.

Under the supervision of a project manager, you will be expected to write up the results of fieldwork and prepare various kinds of cultural resource management documents. This will include writing historic property descriptions, stratigraphic profile descriptions, and assessments of historic property significance. You will be expected to discuss project (undertaking) effect and potential mitigation options. You will be responsible for the completion of archaeological literature reviews and field inspections, archaeological inventory survey, archaeological monitoring, and archaeological data recovery reports. You will also be responsible for the preparation of archaeological data recovery, preservation, and monitoring plans. You will need to know the Hawai‘i State and federal historic preservation regulations, as well as have an understanding of Hawaiian archaeology and culture. Report writing will also involve preparing historical and environmental background sections and previous archaeological work summaries. Besides report writing, a project supervisor’s office work includes supervision of archaeological technicians and support staff as they enter information into the CSH Access database, draft figures, and perform various forms of laboratory and GIS work. Familiarity with Microsoft Access, Adobe Illustrator, and/or ESRI’s GIS software would be helpful.

A CSH project supervisor will: 1) have appropriate fieldwork and office skills; 2) display a willingness and ability to work independently on projects with limited supervision from a project manager; 3) producecultural resource management documents that require little editing and revision; 4) display a detailed familiarity with cultural resource management language and compliance; 5) assume supervisory responsibilities for various projects, including communication with clients and project set up and direction; and 6) perform written, telephone, and face to face consultation with knowledgeable culturalinformants and incorporate the results of this consultation into the appropriate reports or documents.



A graduate degree in Anthropology/Archaeology is preferred, but candidates with an undergraduate degree and demonstrated experience working as a cultural resource management project supervisor may be considered. You must have a valid driver’s license. You will likely need your own transportation to get to various job sites. CSH is looking for a full-time employee, averaging 40 hours per week. Previous experience in Hawaiian archaeology is greatly preferred.



Compensation is commensurate with past experience, skills, education, and productivity. Pay packages include medical and dental insurance, a 401K program, a paid time off program, and a company profit sharing program.


To Apply

If interested, please submit a resume, three references (email contacts greatly preferred), and a short, preferably technical/descriptive writing sample (for example, an excavation summary or an archaeological site/feature description) to CSH, attention Matt McDermott: or