Conference T-Shirt Design Contest


We are eager to solicit creative graphic t-shirt expressions of this year’s theme for the annual Society of Hawaiian Archaeology conference on the island of Kaua’i. In order to solicit entries, we are sponsoring a t-shirt contest. The graphic designs should be amenable to silkscreening on a standard t-shirt, and may include a front design, back design, or both. The t-shirt design will provide a memorable wearable expression of this year’s conference. The design should emanate the theme of this year’s conference, and we look forward to creative submittals. Our theme:
Kulāiwi: Repositioning our Identity in the Present

The 2015 Society of Hawaiian Archaeology annual conference examines the role of identity within the work of archaeology. Like the island of Kaua’i, identity is shaped by numerous forces. Kaua’i’s traditions are revealed in the everyday activities of its people and their knowledge of the contours of the land – its climates and micro-climates, the movement of the ocean – and are reflected in the characteristics of its people: rugged, yet flexible; possessive, yet sharing; knowledgeable, yet curious about many aspects of what went on before their generation.

The work of archaeology is an essential part of satisfying Kaua’i people’s desires to know about themselves and their surroundings more intimately as they examine their own family histories and those attributes that make Kaua’i culture unique. Kulāiwi’ centers the thinking of people everywhere on their ‘piko’, the focal point of what connects them to their identity. There is a direct correlation between this knowledge and how one formulates and reformulates their definition of themselves. The work of archaeology, therefore, is access to not only our past, but ourselves today.   -Dr. Keao NeSmith
The t-shirt that best illustrates this theme will be chosen by the SHA conference committee, and the artist will be given free registration to the conference, as well as the distinction of clothing the numerous participants in the conference with a unique and distinctive t-shirt.
Please submit your artistic designs to us by September 10, 2015. The graphic may be provided via an attachment to email at
Mahalo for sharing your talent.
SHA Conference Committee