Minutes – February 26, 2014

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Location: Paki 3, Bishop Museum


Chair: Mara Mulrooney, President

Recording Secretary: Summer Moore

Officers in Attendance: Mara Mulrooney, President Peter Mills, Vice President

Summer Moore, Secretary (via Skype)

Victoria Wichman, Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:

Sara Collins, Legislative

Holly McEldowney, Ethics

Nick Belluzzo, Webmaster (via Skype) Arleen Garcia-Herbst, PR (via Skype)


Beau DiNapoli, Student

Kelley Uyeoka, Education



President’s Remarks:

•     Meeting called to order at 5:08 pm by Chair, Mara Mulrooney


Secretary’s Report: Summer Moore

•    Minutes from January 22, 2013, meeting circulated for approval; MOTION to accept by Mara, seconded and approved.

•    We have had several submissions for the March newsletter, which is expected to go out around March 15.


Treasurer’s Report: Victoria Wichman

•    We have just over $23,000 in our bank account. Last month’s income and expenses were minimal. Since the last meeting we have had three new memberships and 12 renewals. She has sent an updated list of members to Sara and Nick. American Savings is waving all fees and providing free online banking because we now have a higher balance.

•     MOTION by Sara to accept, seconded and approved.


Standing Committee Reports

•    Education: Kelley Uyeoka

o  Nothing to report.



•     Ethics: Holly McEldowney

o  She sent a letter to DLNR suggesting that SHA be considered a consulting party concerning the ongoing Administrative Rules revisions and is still awaiting a response.


•     Legislative: Sara Collins

o We’re halfway through the legislative session. The worst bills with regard to historic preservation, having to do with streamlined applications and approvals, have stalled, although it is still possible that they will start moving again.

o There is one bill each in both the House and the Senate for converting exempt staff to civil service. These bills are both moving.

o There is a house bill pertaining to state-owned historic property that is crossing over. They adopted our amendment that this has to be done with SHPD’s approval.

o There are two bills, the ones that are redefining the age of residential property, that are worrisome. The gist of both of them is to say that no residential permits can go to SHPD for review unless the property is on the register or is actively being proposed for listing on the register. They are being pushed by the building industry association and the chamber of commerce. SHA will suggest that instead of these bills that we have a task force and that SHA can be on it. Both the house and senate versions of these bills are moving. SHA will have to monitor their progress.

o There is a bill in the senate adding to the civil penalties section for people to recover from the state if they are successful plaintiffs.

o The fees bill has been deferred.


•    Publications: Windy McElroy

o She has gotten one inquiry for a submission but no other submissions so it is unlikely SHA will have a journal issue going out this year. We will wait until next year instead. She is working with Jane Allen and Susan Lebo on the Historic Artifacts primer.


•    Student: Beau DiNapoli

o  Nothing to report.


•    Webmaster: Nick Belluzzo

o He is working on updating membership expiration dates, after which he will send an email to SHA members to let them know that membership renewal is now available and emphasize that it is very important to be a member for access to certain perks. After 30 days’ notice Sara and he will go through and remove non-current members. Next year he will send out an email on December 1 and then set memberships to expire on December 31.

 •    PR: Arleen Garcia-Herbst

o  Nothing to report.



Old Business:

•     Barrera Collection: Peter says that the human bone fragments found in the collection are clearly human crania fragments. The Southwestern pottery sherds are of a type that can be reliably associated with an identifiable and relatively small area. Jim Bayman will transport the remains on an upcoming trip to Arizona. The other bag contained largely animal bone, but one bag has a human phalanx, a vertebral fragment, and a long bone fragment. It’s all in one bag, and it came out of a 1995 data recovery project in Kona done by Bill Barrera. The bag has accession numbers from Barrerra’s catalog system that do not match what is shown in the corresponding data recovery report. One of his students is in the process of going through reports and trying to find the data recovery report that corresponds to these fragments. If the project associated with these fragments was part of Section 106 consultation, NAGPRA will clearly apply. If not, we may be able manage repatriation through consultation with the Burial Council.


•     SHA Workshops: Nick may do on March 5 a workshop regarding the state GIS standards and how people can use them and combine them with their own data sets. He recently got an email from Matt Duff at IARII, who wants to combine this presentation with a session on basic GIS. Matt, however, is currently in Colorado and won’t be back until early April. It may be a good idea to wait for him to return to do a combined workshop. There is already a workshop scheduled for April 2.



•     Science Alive event: Victoria will be leading Bishop Museum Anthropology Department’s booth, and SHA has a booth next to it. Mara will order a SHA banner for the booth. We should put advertise the event on the UH listserve. Adam Lauer may have posters for the booth.


New Business:

•     Hawaiian Archaeology Month: Discussion regarding the possibility of bringing back Hawaiian Archaeology Month, which used to be in May. Sara says we used to have a lecture on each island, and the SHA brochure was originally to distribute at those events. A week of activities led up to the conference, which used to be in the spring. Arleen indicates that she is interested in updating the brochure and working on press releases.



•    Next board meeting: April 2, 4:30 pm, Paki 3, Bishop Museum.

•    MOTION by Peter to adjourn at 6:02 pm; seconded and approved.