Minutes – December 11, 2013

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Location: Paki 3, Bishop Museum


Chair: Mara Mulrooney, President

Recording Secretary: Summer Moore

Officers in Attendance:

Mara Mulrooney, President

Peter Mills, Vice President (via Skype) Summer Moore, Secretary (via Skype) Victoria Wichman, Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:

Kelley Uyeoka, Education (via Skype) Holly McEldowney, Ethics

Nick Belluzzo, Webmaster Sara Collins, Legislative Beau DiNapoli, Student


Arleen Garcia-Herbst, PR Windy McElroy, Publications


President’s Remarks:

•     Meeting called to order at 5:10 pm by Chair, Mara Mulrooney


Secretary’s Report: Summer Moore

•    Minutes from November 5, 2013, meeting circulated for approval; MOTION to accept by Mara, seconded and approved.

•    Newsletter preparations are on schedule. We will be including abstracts for poster submissions from UH-Hilo students in the upcoming issue.


Treasurer’s Report: Victoria Wichman

•    We got our venue deposit back from the museum, which was $500. We also recently received $100 for two journals for UH.

•    Income for month was $782.70, and total expenses were $50.77.

•    Total assets are currently $17,841.50.

•    MOTION to accept by Holly, seconded and approved.



Standing Committee Reports

•     Education: Kelley Uyeoka

o  She is starting conference preparation for next year and wants to work on setting a date for next year’s conference. We will work on a tentative date of the last weekend of October, which is October 24-26. She wants to book UH-Hilo and so might have to change weekend to accommodate the venue.

o  Peter will find out when we can reserve the venue.

o  Discussion regarding payment for venue and reimbursement procedures. Kelley will make

preliminary budget proposal to start and we’ll move on from there.


•    Ethics: Holly McEldowney

o She will follow up on around the beginning of January on a letter to DLNR suggesting that SHA be considered a consulting party,

o She wants to send a letter offering SHA’s help for the Administrative Rules revisions; she will start by working informally with SHPD personnel but will pursue formalizing the relationship if necessary.

o Tom Dye and Jane Allen have agreed to do refresher courses; maybe a day workshop with different people talking about different types of topics. It may also be possible to do an informal, after-work-type event; a venue is needed.


•    Legislative: Sara Collins

o Nothing to report. New legislative session will start January 15.


•    Publications: Windy McElroy

o Nothing to report.


•    Student: Beau DiNapoli

o Nothing to report.


•    Webmaster: Nick Belluzzo

o He is working on membership database for website and will update the website to enable

2014 registration.

o He will work with Sara to delete members who haven’t paid their dues from the listserve after a 30-day grace period; eventually this will work automatically, but for now it will be done manually.

o Discussion whether we should have a list of members on the website. We should ask potential members during registration whether they want to be included on the website.

o He proposes a contest for banner design for the website.


•    PR: Arleen Garcia-Herbst

o Nothing to report.



Old Business:

•     Barrera Collection

o Peter notes that SHA took over a collection from the mainland from Bill Barrera that has been temporarily stored at Pohaku but now must be moved. A student has been inventorying boxes all semester long; and based on the results of the inventory

Peter believes that SHA may have to facilitate a NAGPRA consultation and repatriation process. He recommends that a subcommittee be formed to organize and facilitate this process. On another note, the UH-Hilo library was expected to take the Barrera manuscripts, but that could not ultimately be worked out. They are currently located in Peter’s library.


•     Follow-up on housing SHA materials in a storage unit

o Victoria rented a 5’ x 5’ climate-controlled storage unit at Public Storage. She will be bringing materials from Kaua‘i to place in the unit and will be putting combination lock on it. Sara’s name was used during registration as an emergency contact. SHA Board members do not need to be on a list to go up there but simply need to have the code for the elevator. Victoria wants to buy inexpensive shelving for boxes so that it is not necessary to stack them. The unit costs $119.00 per month and will be automatically debited from the SHA account.


New Business:

•     Mara notes that the UH-Mānoa library has requested paper copies of the 2011 and 2012 programs from the SHA conference. Can anyone donate copies of these programs?


•     Mara notes that Mark McCoy has scanned all back issues of Hawaiian Archaeology as individual articles and has sent them as pdfs. It was discussed at the last Business Meeting that we should put up these back issues of the journal on the website. Nick mentions that whole journals are available on the website as pdfs but not as individual articles. Mara suggests that we could hyper-link authors and chapters in the table of contents to individual articles.



•    Next board meeting: January 22, 5:00 pm, Paki 3, Bishop Museum

•    MOTION by Mara to adjourn at 6:11 pm; seconded and approved.