Minutes – November 5, 2013

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors Meeting

 Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2013

 Location: Paki 3, Bishop Museum


Chair: Mara Mulrooney, President

Recording Secretary: Summer Moore

Officers in Attendance:

Summer Moore, Secretary (via Skype) Victoria Wichman, Treasurer


Peter Mills, Vice President

 Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:

Windy McElroy, Publications

Holly McEldowney, Ethics

Nick Belluzzo, Webmaster (via Skype)


Kelley Uyeoka, Education

Sara Collins, Legislative Beau DiNapoli, Student Arleen Garcia-Herbst, PR


President’s Remarks:

•     Meeting called to order at 5:03 pm by Chair, Mara Mulrooney


Secretary’s Report: Summer Moore

•    Circulation of last month’s minutes, which were taken by Mara. MOTION to accept by Windy, seconded by Victoria and approved.

•    It was decided that the 2012 SHA Annual Business Meeting minutes would be circulated prior to the conference together with the 2013 minutes to SHA membership for approval.


Treasurer’s Report: Victoria Wichman

•    Victoria reports that SHA has just over $17,000 in our bank account. Total expenses over the past month were $9,652. Altogether, the 2013 SHA Conference cost just over $15,000, with the price brought down significantly by a $2,000 donation from Kamehameha Schools.

•    Victoria has filed SHA’s federal and state taxes, including the following (based on a fiscal year from the end of September):

o  2012 Form 990-N (Federal)

o  Annual DCCA filing (Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, State of Hawaii).

•    She has sent out three serial requests for journals, to Hamilton Library, Ebsco, and University College London.

•     Membership totals 126 members, with 11 lifetime members. The 2013 SHA Conference was attended by 143 people.

•    MOTION to accept by Holly, seconded by Windy and approved.


Standing Committee Reports

Education: Kelley Uyeoka (via email)

o  Nothing to report regarding Education Committee activities.

o  Conference planning for next year is already underway; she has already recruited a few



Ethics: Holly McEldowney

o  Follow-up on resolution; Drafting up letter to DLNR suggesting that SHA be considered a consulting party. Holly will wait until the new director is in place and will follow up with Theresa.

o  Holly will ask Jane Allen if she would like to give a refresher course for soils descriptions.


Legislative: Sara Collins (via email)

o  Nothing to report

o  SHA member Carl Christensen notes that two of Gov. Abercrombie’s nominations to the Office of Environmental Quality Control Land Board were recently withdrawn due to objections from the environmental community about the two nominees.


•    Publications: Windy McElroy

o  Windy has been working on distribution of the new Hawaiian Archaeology journal since the conference, which has involved a lot of mailing. She has distributed over 150 journals so far but has not been able to send journals to 7 members for whom she does not have addresses. She expects to have 25 extra copies once distribution is complete.

o  Mara asked whether we should follow up with institutions regarding serial subscriptions that were cancelled in the interim between journals. It was decided that we should.


•    Student: Beau DiNapoli (via email)

o  Nothing to report


•    Webmaster: Nick Belluzzo

o  Nick reports that the new SHA website is still getting good statistics for viewing, even after the 2013 SHA Conference. There was a recent high in views following recent NPS news.

o  He has some improvements planned. More content will be added, including SHA’s Ethics Statement, By-Laws, Constitution.

o  He also wants to work on capturing additional information about SHA members automatically and electronically. We should prepare for conference registration in advance of next year’s conference so that we have enough time to move cohesively integrate membership registration, conference registration, registration payments, and membership dues through a centralized form with links to PayPal.

o  He will send out an email to the membership stating that in 30 days (after sending the email) he will start culling the SHA listserve email list of obsolete contact information and members who have not renewed their memberships. He will wait until Sara is back from the mainland to collaborate with her.

o  He will also send reminder that membership expires on December 31, with anyone not renewed losing access to the SHA website on January 31. Mara asks whether it is possible to integrate this reminder with a way to pay membership dues.


•     PR: Arleen Garcia-Herbst (via email)

o  Nothing to report


Old Business:

•    Listserve notification and membership list update (discussed above)

•    PR approach and goals

o  Due to Arleen’s absence, MOTION by Mara to move this discussion to the next meeting, seconded by Victoria and approved.


New Business:

•    Proposal to get a storage unit for SHA materials (from Treasurer Victoria)

o  Based on the large amount of SHA records, journal copies, etc., Victoria proposes that we should rent a climate-controlled storage unit. This can be done under $100 per month.

o  MOTION by Mara that Victoria should go ahead and a storage unit; passed unanimously by vote.



•    Next board meeting: December 11, 5:00 pm, Paki Meeting Room, Bishop Museum

•    MOTION by Mara to adjourn at 5:42 pm; seconded by Victoria and approved.