NPS Response to CAP2 – First Deadline

The National Park Service has released its response letter to the State Historic Preservation Division’s (SHPD) progress report on its first set of benchmarks structured by the Second Correction Action Plan (CAP2).  The response letter, along with the report submitted by SHPD, can be found below.  Please note, Attachment #6 was not provided by NPS under the Privacy Act (personnel and fiscal).  NPS will be coordinating with SHPD in the next week or so to review this information and seek input to keep moving the process forward.


Acknowledgement Letter


Letter to Dr. Toothman

CAP2 Overview

Attachment #1 – Archaeology Survey Plan

Attachment #2 – Archaeology Work Plan

Attachment #3 – Architecture Survey Plan

Attachment #4 – Information Technology Work Plan

Attachment #5 – Cultural Resources GIS Draft Strategic Action Plan