Minutes – July 3, 2013

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors Meeting

 Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2013

 Location: University of Hawaii, Dean Hall 210


Chair: Kekuewa Kikiloi, President

 Recording Secretary: Summer Moore

 Officers in Attendance:

Kekuewa Kikiloi, President

Peter Mills, Vice President (via Skype)

Summer Moore, Secretary


Victoria Wichman, Treasurer

 Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:

Sara Collins, Legislative

Kelley Uyeoka, Education (via Skype)

Nick Belluzzo, Webmaster


Windy McElroy, Publications

Brian Lane, Student


President’s Remarks:

  • Meeting called to order at 5:20 pm by Chair, Kekuewa Kikiloi.


Secretary’s Report: Summer Moore

  • Circulation of minutes from April 17, 2013, and May 15, 2013 Board of Directors meetings; MOTION by Kekuewa Kikiloi to accept both minutes; seconded and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Victoria Wichman (via email)

  • We have just over $17,000 in our bank account. There are no expenses to report except bank fees and Paypal fees.
  • She has recently provided to Sara Collins an updated list of new members’ email address.


Standing Committee Reports

  • Education: Kelley Uyeoka
    • Nothing to report.


  • Ethics: Holly McEldowney
    • Nothing to report.


  • Legislative: Sara Collins
    • The Hawaii Administrative Rules are being revised. SHA could write a letter to SHPD expressing interest and a request to help. SHA would set up a working group to help with the rules revision. Pua Aiu, Theresa Donham, and Angie Westfall are currently working on revisions. The letter should go to William J. Aila, DLNR Chairperson, with all SHPD Branch Chiefs cc’d. A second letter could also go out to SHPD and DLNR to offer help with Corrective Action Plan (CAP) work that is outstanding. Stephanie Toothman should be cc’d on this letter. Holly McEldowney will draft these letters.


  • The Legislative Committee met with Carl Christensen after the Hawaii legislative session was over to strategize about SB 1171. Now it’s been signed into law, SHA should look to the administrative rules as a means to influence the outcome of the passage of SB 1171. SHA should send additional letters to DLNR and state politicians. We should find out the following information: (1) Will they implement the phased review process prior to amending the administrative rules? (2) Are they amending the administrative rules? Carl feels that the language in the definition of a programmatic agreement only allows phasing in federal projects. SHA will propose that as our interpretation and ask whether that will be the accepted interpretation.


  • The SB 407 Burial Council Bill passed and has gone to the Governor. He is not expected to veto.


  • Webmaster: Nick Belluzzo
    • Nick has migrated servers, setting up an account on his own domain for the new website. Victoria Wichman and Sara Collins have been accounts to try out the new website.
    • There is a host who provides free hosting for non-profits, which might be good to use. Nick will conduct additional evaluation before committing to transferring the site.


Old Business:

  • 2013 SHA Meeting planning: A brainstorming session will be held on June 20 regarding the tribute to Dr. Sinoto on Saturday night during the dinner.
  • Barrera collection: Peter Mills states that UH-Hilo may be able to take the Barrera book collection. As far as the collections themselves, he’s working to get students organized to complete a full inventory of the boxes. MOTION by Peter that the SHA Board ask UH-Hilo to accept the Barrera book collection into their collections; seconded and approved.


New Business:

  • SHA website: Previous host BlueHost took down SHA website as a result of a bot posting an invisible link sending out emails. MOTION by Sara Collins that we switch to Dreamhost; seconded and approved.
  • CAP requirements: Deadline for submission to NPS is September 30. SHA could write a letter demonstrating our willingness to help with this process.
  • Positive PR for Hawaiian archaeology: Kekuewa thinks we should work on promoting an optimistic viewpoint on Hawaiian archaeology. Summer and Nick should be given Admin rights on the Facebook website, to post additional positive content. We could have more events, such as a monthly speaker. Kelley (present via Skype) is asked to organize some speakers or panel discussions on a periodic basis. Peter suggests that we try to get press coverage for the upcoming SHA Meeting to showcase some interesting ongoing research in Hawaiian archaeology. The decision is made to add an ad hoc Public Relations Committee to the BOD. A Committee Chair will need to be chosen.



  • The next SHA meeting is scheduled for July 31, 2013.
  • MOTION by Kekuewa to adjourn the meeting at 6:32 pm; seconded and approved.