Minutes – November 20, 2012

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Location: University of Hawaii, Dean Hall Room 210

Chair: Kekuewa Kikiloi, President

Recording Secretary: Summer Moore

Officers in Attendance:
Peter Mills, Vice President (via Skype)
Victoria Wichman, Treasurer
Summer Moore, Secretary

Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:
Holly McEldowney, Ethics
Sara Collins, Legislative
Publications, Windy McElroy
Brian Lane, Student
Nick Belluzzo, Website

Kelley Uyeoka, Education
Windy McElroy, Publications

President’s Remarks:
• Meeting called to order at 5:20 pm by Chair, Kekuewa Kikiloi.

Secretary’s Report: Summer Moore
• Circulation of minutes from September 26, 2012 Board of Directors (BOD) meeting (Sara Collins for Jenny Kahn); MOTION by Victoria Wichman to accept; seconded and approved.
• Approval of August 2012 minutes deferred until next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Victoria Wichman
• The SHA account balance is currently about $13,800. The most recent expenses have all been related to the 2012 SHA Annual Meeting.
• Submitted 990-N for fiscal year ending at the end of September. Taxes are up to date.
• SHA sold quite a bit of merchandise at the conference, about $650.00.
• Current membership totals include 121 paid members for 2012 and 13 paid members for 2013 so far. She will send out a renewal reminder email in January.
• SHA should re-evaluate how members pay for events, as over $800, most of which went to credit card fees, went to Eventbrite after 2012 conference.

Standing Committee Reports
• Education: Kelley Uyeoka (report presented via email)
o The Education Committee’s upcoming activities include: 1) a SHA education booth at the SAA’s, where SHA members can provide maps of Hawaiian archaeology nad sell posters and T-shirts left over from past SHA meetings; 2) offering to help Kathy Kawelu organize field trips for SAA’s and getting student volunteers; 3) helping throughout the year in organizing workshops and training events.

• Ethics: Holly McEldowney
o We should start developing standards for the website so that they can be available for the public; reduce radiocarbon date/GIS protocol to checklist (Athens article)

• Legislative: Sara Collins
o Representative Corinne Ching, Former Co-Chair of the Heritage Caucus, and Senator Carol Fukunaga, Chair of the Economic Development and Technology Committee, both lost their seats in the recent November elections. MOTION by Sara Collins to send a note of acknowledgement to recognize their help over the years; seconded and approved.

• Publications: Windy Keala McElroy (via email)
o I have two manuscripts in hand – one completely done (Athens & Rieth) and one already reviewed and waiting for revisions (Dye and Sholin). I had several people interested in submitting papers for the Best of CRM themed journal. I just sent out an email reminder for them to get drafts to me by the end of this year. That will give me plenty of time to get reviews/revisions done in time for the next conference. I also have two people who want to submit manuscripts that do not go with the theme. If I don’t get enough papers by the end of the year, I will scrap the theme and just do a regular journal and include these papers. Otherwise, these two will wait for the next issue. It would help if everyone could spread the word that I am still accepting manuscripts. A blurb in the new newsletter would be nice as well, if someone could relay this to Mary Anne.

• Student Representative: Brian Lane
o Offers to help recruit students for Education Committee project.

• Website: Nick Belluzzo
o Suggests that SHA consider an overarching plan for the website and restructuring the website around this plan.
o Suggests that SHA can look for a way to track conference attendees through the SHA website rather than Eventbrite, which is very expensive.
o Discussion regarding the proposed newsletter and whether it should be a paper newsletter or electronic only. We can put a link on the website. MOTION by Sara Collins to form ad hoc Newsletter Committee to revive the newsletter with Summer, Nick, Brian, and Mary Anne Maigret as members; seconded and approved.
o Discussion of online streaming at SHA conferences deferred until a future meeting.

Old Business:
• Peter will take the lead on registering SHA for the Society for American Archaeology’s (SAA’s) Council of Affiliated Societies. Victoria will mail Peter a check to pay for SHA’s membership.
• The SHA BOD should invite James Bayman and Kathy Kawelu to attend an upcoming BOD meeting to discuss the Luau to be held at Bishop Museum during the 2013 SAA Annual Meeting.

New Business:
• Strategic planning, Kekuewa: discusses strategic planning, suggesting that the SHA BOD think proactively about the role the we should play when public archaeology issues arise.
• SHA archival materials, Kekuewa: mentions that Jo Lynn Gunness bequeathed to him all of the boxes currently stored in the University of Hawaii-Manoa Archaeology Lab of archival materials. Peter mentions that a priority should be abstracts from the 26 conferences. Nick suggests that we should main pdf copies of all abstracts. Summer asks whether SHA should consider storing archival materials long-term in the Anthropology Department at Bishop Museum.
• Merchandise, Victoria: Victoria and Brian agree that Brian will take over SHA Merchandise.

• MOTION by Kekuewa Kikiloi to adjourn the meeting at 6:30 p.m.; seconded and approved.
• The next meeting BOD meeting will be moved to the second week of January.