Minutes – October 18, 2012

Meeting: Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Annual Business Meeting


Date: Saturday, October 18


Location: Keauhou Beach Resort, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Chair: Peter Mills, President


Recording Secretary: Summer Moore, for Jennifer Kahn


Officers in Attendance:

Victoria Wichman, Treasurer


Ethan E. Cochrane, Vice-President

Jennifer Kahn, Recording Secretary

Juanita Aguerrebere, Secretary/Webmaster


Standing Committee Chairs in Attendance:

Tanya Lizama, Education


Sara Collins, Legislative

Windy McElroy, Publications

Holly McEldowney, Standards and Ethics


Call to Order:

  • Meeting called to order at 5:05 p.m. by Chair, Peter Mills.
    • Peter Mills recognizes Jo Lynn Gunness in advance of her upcoming retirement from the University of Hawaii-Manoa.
    • Victoria Wichman circulates 2010 Annual Business Meeting minutes. MOTION by Nancy Ferrell to approve; seconded and passed.


Unfinished Business:

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Victoria Wichman reports that the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA) account contained approximately $11,000 prior to the conference. The account is expected to retain roughly this amount after conference costs are subtracted and attendee fees are received.
    • Journal mailings totaled $400 over the past year. Recommends that we consider doing occasional papers instead. MOTION by Paul Cleghorn to accept the report; seconded and approved.


  • Education Committee Report
    • Tanya Lizama, previously elected to the position of Education Committee Chair, recognizes Adam Lauer for attending all Education Committee meetings and acting as the de facto Committee Chair. Reports that Adam organized three workshops as outreach activities, and that he wants to host a booth at the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Annual Meeting


  • Standards and Ethics Committee Report
    • Read for Holly McEldowney by Peter Mills. Holly reports that SHA has been receiving questions from the public about ethical concerns, especially in reference to the outsourcing of consultant reviews by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD). Holly recommends that the Archaeology Branch Chief personally select reports to be outsourced for review. Outsourcing should not be viewed as a permanent solution.
    • Thanks Committee Members Carl Christensen and Sara Collins and invites additional SHA members to serve on the committee.


  • Legislative Committee Report
    • Sara Collins reports that SHA has submitted testimony for six bills.


  • Membership Committee Report
    • Victoria Wichman reports that SHA members currently total 105, of which eight are lifetime members.
    • Announces that $500 will be donated next year for student registration to the SHA Annual Meeting.


  • Publishing Committee Report
    • Read for Windy McElroy by Peter Mills. Windy reports that additional submissions are needed for the next volume of Hawaiian Archaeology, which will have a “Best of CRM” theme.


  • Student Representative’s Report
    • No report given.


  • Webmaster’s Report
    • Given by Nick Polluzo. Reports that he has improved the SHA website so that members can now pay their dues online.


  • MOTION by Nancy Ferrell to accept all reports following the Treasurer’s Report; seconded and approved.


New Business:

  • Election of new officers
    • Nominees: President, Kekuewa Kikiloi; Vice President, Peter Mills; Summer Moore, Secretary; Victoria Wichman, Treasurer; Kelley Uyeoka, Education Committee Chair; Standards and Ethics Committee Chair, Holly McEldowney; Legislative Committee Chair, Sara Collins; Publications Committee Chair, Windy McElroy; Student Representative, Brian Lane; Webmaster, Juanita Aguerrebere and Nick Belluzzo.
    • Results of Webmaster election: Nick Belluzzo.
    •  MOTION by Lynn Nakim to accept nominees and winner of the Webmaster election; seconded and approved.




  • Merchandise
    • Victoria Wichman asks that someone else take over the handling of SHA merchandise.


  • Newsletter
    • Marianne (last name?) will work on reinstating a quarterly SHA newsletter.


  • 2013 SHA Annual Meeting
    • Jason Jeremiah, representing Kamehameha Schools, offers to help coordinate the conference on O‘ahu.
    • 2013 Conference Committee forms, to include Kekuewa Kikiloi, Victoria Wichman, Nick Belluzo, and Summer Moore.
    • MOTION by Paul Cleghorn to accept the decision to have the Annual Meeting on O‘ahu next year; seconded and approved.


  • Streaming of conferences and workshops on the internet
    • The possibility of providing live feeds for those who cannot attend SHA events was discussed, although it was noted that there may be intellectual property issues involved.
    • MOTION by Paul Cleghorn for the SHA Board to look into the matter further; seconded and approved.


  • Society for American Archaeology 2013 Annual Meeting Luau
    • Kathy Kawelu asks for $700-1000 from SHA to provide musical entertainment for the luau.
    • MOTION by Paul Cleghorn that SHA make a $1000 donation to SAA. SHA will seek member donations and make up any shortfall; seconded and approved.


  • Society for American Archaeology Council of Affiliated Societies
    • Peter Mills states that SHA can pay $30.00 for an annual membership, which provides a table at the SAA conference and other small benefits.
    • MOTION by Nancy Ferrell that the SHA Board pays the fees and fills out the application to join; seconded and approved.



  • MOTION by Lynn Nakim to adjourn the meeting at 6:19 p.m.; seconded and approved.